Nouvelle Fantastique en Anglais

Voici deux travaux d’élèves de 5eme, avec l’écriture d’une nouvelle « effrayante » tout en utilisant des mots imposés.

This pumkin smiled at me. It wasn’t very scary because I had wanted to give it a nice look when I cut it up.
But before I could ask myself any questions, she asked me :
« Did you create me ? »
Astonished, I answered her :
« Yes, it was me who created you, but I didn’t think you could talk. »
« Of course I can » she replied, but you didn’t seem willing to listen to me ! »
« But what did you want to tell me ? »
« A very important thing on this particular day »
Suddenly, I woke up and screamed.
The pumpkin was there in front of me and, impatient, it whispered to me what it had wanted to tell me in a dream :
« Trick or treat ? »
Then it disappeared.


Death what death is ? Death maybe everywhere.
You can hear “ Your time has come “ or it can appear as a monster as a ghost or as a witch.
Death is scary and everyone is afraid to die.

There is nothing horrible than death.
She strikes when she wants.
Scream, shout, yell, it won’t stop you from dying one day.
Death is the embodiment of absolute evil.

Death what death is ?